Saturday, March 13, 2010

Past Lives

Your Past Lives helps you to understand who you are and why you act the way that you do, as you hear about who you once were in one or more of your previous or past lives. Every soul has lived at least one or more past lives. I know how to attune to the soul energy of the person that I am helping. Access to the Akashic Records enables me to access major events from a soul's past life.

Since life moves in "cycles" on Earth, it is possible to "view" what has already occurred in a person's past life, including a close relationship that you once had with someone in your past whom you feel could possibly be part of your life again now. It is an exciting and oftentimes exhilarating feeling to rediscover a close relationship that you had with a former companion!

That person is back in your life for a very important reason, as there is almost always some kind of unfinished business that they still have to resolve with you (or you with them). I can help describe to you how that person fits into your current life and the significant role that they play.

Quite often you could find yourself being drawn to a certain person or place because you feel a deep sense of familiarity or "Deja Vu" ("been there before") that you have either known that person from before, or have visited that specific place before, even though you can't remember now. That inexplainable sense of attraction will pull you toward that person or place once again, especially if there is still something that was left undone there.

I will help you to unlock your past-life memories, as well as explain how to recall and interpret your dreams, as oftentimes they will show you images from a past life. You can be more accepting of who you are in this lifetime, if you understand more about who you once were in your past life!

Are you interested in finding out about your past life? If so click the link and let me tell you about your past lives and the people that are still with you today from another lifetime! It will help you to understand a lot of things!

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  1. I appreciate, understand and accept your views on past lives and their connection to our present and future.
    Very well written presentation!