Friday, March 19, 2010

Spirit Medium Reading

A spirit medium reading is an emotionally uplifting session for someone who is grieving over the loss of a beloved family member or life partner who has passed away. It offers you the unique opportunity to communicate with them and hear how they have been doing since they made their transition and it will enable you to feel a powerful connection to them.

The validations that some people feel they need to hear in order to be convinced that they are truly communicating with their departed loved one is something that each spirit elects on their own to provide to their grieving family. Rest assured that your loved one will communicate something very personal to you, which should help to calm any reservations you may have.

Your loved one may provide some information about how they died, although I never ask them to do so. For many departed souls, recalling details about their passing may still be upsetting to talk about. They will always give you some validations to confirm that you are indeed speaking to them.

A popularly held misconception is that a person must be "face-to-face" with the Medium in order to speak with their deceased loved one, which could not be further from the truth! All spirits are capable of communicating to their loved ones in very creative ways! They are able to express their thoughts and feelings every bit as effectively over the phone, as they can if their loved one wants to speak with the Medium in person.

What concerns me lately is that there is a new generation of what I refer to as "pseudo mediums" (fake mediums) who are spreading falsehoods and outright lies about how spirits communicate with their loved ones. I felt compelled to speak out about this latest trend to deceive others.

The biggest falsehood spread by pseudo mediums is ... "No medium can be sure that your deceased loved one will be able to come through and speak to you, so be grateful for whomever wants to give you a message from the spirit world." What they're really telling you is this: "They do not have the ability to get your deceased loved one to speak to you, so whomever may come through to talk to you is all that you are going to get." You're supposed to be grateful for that?

Another popular lie pseudo mediums spread is ... "A real medium will never ask you any questions, either before or during your session, nor will they let you ask your departed loved one any questions." What they're really telling you is this: "They do not have the ability to get your departed loved one to answer any questions that you may have, so please do not ask any."

Feeding you this nonsense takes them off the hook, so that they do not have to provide you with any specific information from your loved one! Stay away from these pseudo mediums, as they do not have any genuine mediumship ability and are giving you nothing more than generalized comments, which they are telling you is being communicated to them, for you, from the spirit world.

Over the years I have helped many people to work through their grief and restore their faith in the process, by enabling them to speak with their deceased loved ones, who can now offer guidance to them from the other side.

If you would like to communicate to a deceased loved one please click on the link below for a confidential reading from a skilled and highly acclaimed spirit medium

Spirit Medium Reading

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Past Lives

Your Past Lives helps you to understand who you are and why you act the way that you do, as you hear about who you once were in one or more of your previous or past lives. Every soul has lived at least one or more past lives. I know how to attune to the soul energy of the person that I am helping. Access to the Akashic Records enables me to access major events from a soul's past life.

Since life moves in "cycles" on Earth, it is possible to "view" what has already occurred in a person's past life, including a close relationship that you once had with someone in your past whom you feel could possibly be part of your life again now. It is an exciting and oftentimes exhilarating feeling to rediscover a close relationship that you had with a former companion!

That person is back in your life for a very important reason, as there is almost always some kind of unfinished business that they still have to resolve with you (or you with them). I can help describe to you how that person fits into your current life and the significant role that they play.

Quite often you could find yourself being drawn to a certain person or place because you feel a deep sense of familiarity or "Deja Vu" ("been there before") that you have either known that person from before, or have visited that specific place before, even though you can't remember now. That inexplainable sense of attraction will pull you toward that person or place once again, especially if there is still something that was left undone there.

I will help you to unlock your past-life memories, as well as explain how to recall and interpret your dreams, as oftentimes they will show you images from a past life. You can be more accepting of who you are in this lifetime, if you understand more about who you once were in your past life!

Are you interested in finding out about your past life? If so click the link and let me tell you about your past lives and the people that are still with you today from another lifetime! It will help you to understand a lot of things!